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The Dancing Feather Collection

Beautiful Handmade Binay Tribal Crafts by BlackFoot Cherokee Artist, Tracie Dancing Star.
Piita "Eagle" Warrior Bracelet
Round Turquoise gemstone and Hematite stretch bracelet. Each bracelet may be slightly different due to slight changes in the materials used to craft these beautifully pieces.

Naatsikopotto "12" Necklace without fetish. Magnetic closure.
This necklace uses groups of 12 to complete and represents 12 tribes of Israel.

One of a kind 
Naatsikopotto "12"
Piiksi "Bird" Necklace
Two tones of lightweight wood with a handcarved natural bone fetish. 
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Natural Wood Spopi "Turtle"  stretch bracelet with colorful Turtle fetish.

Ohkotok Natural Rock and Lava rock stretch bracelet. A few drops of a favorite oil on the Lava rock and it can be used for aromatherapy.  All natural stones vary in size and color.
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Full picture of Piiksi "Bird"Necklace
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Natural wood and sparkle stone Spopi necklace with magnetic closure for ease.
closer picture of turtle and stones.